REiLI is working at Fujifilm booth

We are at the beginning of a new era in radiology Artificial Intelligence, and FUJIFILM is here to brief you how AI can advance radiology’s performance and clinical workflow. Come, visit us at European Congress of Radiology 2020 (ECR 2020) and experience the new Fujifilm’s IT solutions empowered by AI.
Try to see a new holistic way to elevate your approach to care.

Visit us at FUJIFILM booth #542 Expo X5. Austria Center, Vienna, Austria, Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1, 1220 Wien, Austria
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Under the REiLI brand, Fujifilm is developing AI technologies that strongly support diagnostic imaging workflow, leveraging the combination of deep learning in its AI technology with Fujifilm's image processing heritage. Fujifilm AI initiative aims to help clinicians better understand and treat numerous health issues affecting our population by applying deep learning and affording them the ability to see more in medical imaging than ever before. Fujifilm’s REiLI initiative is starting to bring in more imaging modalities than ever before.
At FUJIFILM’s booth, it will be possible to see live demonstrations of AI delivering enhanced workflows. Fujifilm is demonstrating how AI will be utilized in the future through various use cases in the same Synapse PACS technology that radiologists use today.

Synapse 3D is Fujifilms vendor neutral advanced visualisation platform. Designed ground up as a best of breed software platform that meets the requirements for processing and displaying of clinical and diagnostic imaging. Synapse 3D has more than 54 functional modules, optimizes the workflow, allowing to interact on each study and share their work. Its fast processing and simple UI can increase efficiency and enable clinicians to process very high quality advanced visualisations. With advanced pre surgical planning modules allowing surgeons to reduce risk with invasive patient surgery and ensuring the best chanced of success and shortest possible recovery times. In addition, thanks to the integration and synchronization with Synapse PACS, the entire workflow benefits in terms of time and diagnostic accuracy can be accessed via a single interface.
On the new version, Synapse 3D 5.4, there are new modules available:

  • Rib Viewer: Synapse 3D Rib Viewer extracts and labels ribs and spine. Results of extracted ribs and spine are cross referenced in 2D and 3D views for easy identification.
  • Mitral Valve Analysis: Synapse 3D Mitral Valve Analysis measures the mitral valve annulus, measures distance, perimeter and area, measures the calcification area in the mitral valve and place the virtual artificial valve
  • Cardiac Tx Map: Visualize Intensity Changes of Myocardium Regions From T1 Map Images
  • 4D Flow: Added 4D Flow application to visualize flow velocity vector, stream line and path line.


Fully scalable, Synapse PACS can fit small installations, designed to handle few modalities, to the complete management of a regional Diagnostic Imaging Solution. PACS provides one-touch access to all relevant patient information. Synapse makes the most of your infrastructure with Fujifilm’s unique patented compression technology. This technology combines high compression ratios without sacrificing image quality. Giving clinicians easy access to all of the relevant tools to provide the most accurate and efficient diagnosis.

Synapse VNA is core building block of an enterprise imaging architecture, with a vendor neutral best of breed approach; it is a secure, scalable, standard-based application allowing clinicians and caregivers to access any relevant clinical object. Focused on all medical data, DICOM and native non-DICOM objects. Synapse VNA can also enable easy upload of content from the desktop or mobile device, helping Healthcare providers to reduce silos and ensure all data is available when a clinician needs it. Fujifilm has been named 2020 ‘Best in KLAS’ for Synapse® Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). Synapse VNA integrates more specialties, more devices, and more data than any other VNA on the market. Now, the robust solution has earned top ratings from healthcare providers in the VNA/Image Archive category of the 2020 Best in KLAS report.

new Syncro Dose
Syncro-Dose is a comprehensive system for monitoring and managing patient radiation exposure across different imaging modalities. It is a support for the optimization of radiological procedures and acquisition protocols, a tool for supporting clinical audit and it provides a comprehensive Patient Dosimetric History. General and specific Dashboards track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure productivity, to achieve quality assurance and to support quality of care. SyncroDose is the Radiation Dose Index Monitoring system developed by Fujifilm, compliant with the Directive 2013/59 / EURATOM of the European Union.
This year at ECR, we release the new version of Syncro-Dose. The new platform has a lot of new highlights:
- New interface: completely reviewed and more user friendly
- Patient Dosimetric History: this type of visualization helps users having a look at the distribution of patient dosimetric history at a glance.
- Possibility to give a rating or a comment to a study. The rating helps to understand if studies fulfil the good execution requirements.
- Effective Dose, Pick Skin Dose, Organ Dose future management. Thanks to the new backend technology, we will be able in next months to manage Effective Dose, Pick Skin Dose and Organ Dose.